News just in – we received ‘Commended’ at this years Aesthetics Awards!

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Congratulations to, well, us!

First of all, we were overjoyed to be simply nominated in the Small Group of Clinics category so were absolutely amazed to be given commended at this year’s Aesthetics Awards.

We are absolutely delighted that the work we are doing with women across the UK has been recognised, as we recognise the demand that there are women out there that need our treatments.

That is why we will continue to keep opening clinics across the UK so that all women have a chance to speak to one of our specialist nurses if they so require it.

We were up against some very established clinics and couldn’t believe our look when the award was announced.

A huge thank you to everyone who wished us well and we hope to be back again next year potentially winning the category! Fingers crossed…

It also gave us a platform to talk to people within the industry and spread the word about how our treatments really are changing the way the industry does things. Electronic forms, 45-minute consultations, named nurses with 1-2-1 phone numbers and that’s just for starters.

We can’t wait to roll out some fabulous new treatments in the New Year.

We hope you’ll join us.

Thanks again!

The Women’s Health Clinic

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