Patient and customer reviews are one of the key driving factor of our success. We take any grading less than FIVE stars as an indication of our failure and we automatically create an internal complaint ticket for that review. Our aim is to turn each negative feedback into a positive and we actively liaise all such patients and customers to achieve such aim.

Five star independent reviews

Read below our patients’ testimonials ….

Our Review Process

We take each and every review very seriously and give specific attention to make sure that we do more of the good things and improve our services consistently by learing and by not repeating past mistakes.

We carry out detailed service reviews as well as our standard reviews where we invite our clients for feedback.
This is done via our independent clinical management system partner (Pabau).
We also request patients to give us their feedback via Google and Feefo.

We strategically partnered with an innovative start-up ( who combine all our reviews and independently audit them to verify their authenticity and drive our digital marketing plan.

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Sara Carson Story

My name is Sara, I’m 50, and after complications from cancer and the menopause I’d like to share my journey testing a radical new treatment.

On February 9th 2017, Sara Carson entered The Womens Health Clinic in Canary Wharf, London to try the latest equipment in vaginal rejuvenation — NuV.

This blog starts her journey, two days before her treatment and is written entirely by Sara herself.

I came to The Womens Health Clinic after researching alternative methods of pain relief for my incredibly painful menopausal conditions which have occurred since I was treated for breast cancer 5-years ago.
I saw that there were two types of clinics offering a rejuvenation package, but The Womens Health Clinic offered more information than the typical cosmetic designer vagina blurb. It appealed because I have a medical not an emotional problem.
Originally I was looking for anything that helps long-term with excessive dryness and tightness but also it has to be good! Unfortunately most conventional treatments are not suitable for those of us who have had treatment for breast cancer.

Lyndsey Hiatt Story

My Story: Being on This Morning TV show I thought it would be a great idea to talk about my experience on This Morning. I felt nervous about going on in front of everyone but all I kept thinking women need to know about this amazing treatment.

I’m a big fan of This Morning and watch Philip and Holly all the time. I was so excited when The Women’s Health Clinic told me I’d be sitting next to them on the sofa! I was getting so nervous leading up to it and then oh no – something had happened; could they move the slot to another day?

Ok so I understand things happen and we move to another day and then I’m about to print out my train tickets and then ring again. Can we postpone? I was so gutted I thought I’d never get on! I was really worried it would never happen and I’d miss my opportunity to tell women all about this treatment.