Healthy sex and vaginal rejuvenation social norms

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The Influence of Journalists

1. Healthy sex and vaginal rejuvenation social norms
2. The Only Thing That Needs Rejuvenating Is the Way We Talk About Vaginas and Vulvas
3. The phrase ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ is marketing propaganda – NOT!!!
4. But odds are your vulva and vagina don’t need rejuvenating – Yes it does

The power of journalists in shaping public opinion is undeniable, often presenting a double-edged sword. We frequently receive requests for our insights on specific topics, only to see our perspectives transformed into verbose word salads that detract from the factual basis, all while bolstering the author’s ego and financial prospects.

Our Commitment to Factual Information

These days, our focus is on delivering factual articles and conducting face-to-face educational sessions with our patients. We’ve painstakingly built an environment where individuals who approach our nurse-led clinic can readily verify our women’s health qualifications. This transparency empowers them to explore the full spectrum of women’s health with our up-to-date skilled nurses, who possess the authority to educate and advise on all related matters.

Addressing Misconceptions

Occasionally, however, we find it necessary to address certain matters, and this is one of those instances. The article in question (Healthline) not only raised our eyebrows but also struck a chord, particularly when it appeared to be endorsed by medical professionals. Their intent appears to be a one-sided critique of our valuable work, with a disregard for the countless benefits our services have brought to thousands of patients. What’s more, it seems they lack direct experience or education in this field.

An Inaccurate Statement

The author’s statement, “This article is talking about the latter: elective ‘beautification’ procedures,” is, in itself, remarkably demeaning to our patients. Every day, our telephone lines, staffed by nurses, are inundated with inquiries from individuals with a wide array of concerns and genuine worries. These encompass issues related to sexual function (a universal desire for pleasurable intimacy at all ages), external volume loss, menopause-related vaginal issues such as atrophy, and much more. Additionally, we encounter cases of increasing stress incontinence due to the natural aging process, as well as diminished self-confidence stemming from physical changes, along with instances of hurtful remarks by previous partners.

The Importance of Expert Consultation

Before making sweeping statements, wouldn’t it have been prudent to consult experts in the laser vaginal rejuvenation field, such as TWHC? Such a dialogue could have resulted in a more informed, balanced article unless, of course, there was a different agenda at play.

Providing Clarity on Regulations

We could have also explained that the regulatory body in the UK, the CQC, deems this field a registrable activity, recognizing the expertise of nurses in women’s health. This is particularly noteworthy given that lasers were deregulated over a decade ago in the UK due to their safety in capable hands. As a result, individuals without medical qualifications can procure equipment from various sources and perform a range of energy-based vaginal rejuvenation treatments without oversight—until something goes wrong.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Further, we could have elucidated that our patient experience encompasses a free 20-minute telephone consultation with a qualified nurse, followed by an extensive 45-minute in-person consultation. During these sessions, we delve into every aspect of a patient’s health, both physical and mental. We conduct a thorough pelvic examination and offer advice on adjuvant therapies and prescriptions to enhance overall well-being and intimacy. Moreover, we provide in-depth education about the changes occurring in their bodies and the reasons behind them. All of this takes place before arriving at a collaborative decision with the patient regarding the suitability of a collagen-stimulating procedure or referral to other services. Does this sound like mere “beautification”?

Addressing Misinformation

While the article does touch upon medical procedures, it takes an outdated, sweeping approach when addressing the FDA’s stance, seemingly to align with a particular agenda.

The Author’s Qualifications

One might wonder whether the author possesses the qualifications to make such statements. Do they have in-depth knowledge of women’s health, extensive laser and aesthetic training, and over 25 years of experience registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, engaging in face-to-face clinical practice with patients? It seems unlikely.

A Question of Intent

The article concludes with the author’s self-description as a queer sex educator and wellness journalist, committed to helping people feel their best in their bodies. However, it’s hard to reconcile this mission with the writing of a one-sided, disparaging article that belittles every patient we’ve treated, portraying them as seeking treatment for purely vanity reasons.

Real Stories from Real Patients

The real stories of our patients, as reflected in their reviews, paint a different picture. Their words resonate with phrases like “life-changing” and “confidence” [link to reviews page], underscoring the meaningful impact our services have had on their lives. It’s worth noting that our reviews may require updating, as the last feedback received was in February 2023. We acknowledge that this oversight can potentially lead people to question our current status, and we appreciate your feedback.

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