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One of the safest non-invasive and most effective anti-aging treatment

Radio Frequency

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Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is one of the safest non-invasive and most effective anti-aging treatment suitable for all skin colours. Radio Frequency can stimulate production of your own natural collagen and tighten the elastic fibres for long lasting natural results.

Best results are usually seen on the face, neck and décolletage. It is also good for loose jowls, lines around the eyes and the forehead

Course Description

Radio frequency is controlled by heating fat layers under the skin. As a result, this creates tissue tightening, increasing blood circulation, fatty deposits drain through the lymphatic system and a reduction of cellulite appearance.

Radio Frequency is also capable of tightening and contouring the body, reduce fat and treat cellulite. This results driven technology is suitable for most ages, for men or women, delivering superb results all without the use of needles. The client resumes normal activities immediately after the treatment.

This comprehensive course covers information on what radio frequency is and how it works. Hands on training starts with doing professional full body consultations followed by the best positions for treatment. Using the latest RF technology, every applicable area of skin tightening and body contouring is addressed.


  1. Gives clear understanding of the science behind radio frequency
  2. Learn how to provide treatments using radio frequency
  3. Give confidence to provide effective treatments to clients
  4. Gain understanding into the responsibilities of the technician
  5. Increase skillbase with practical work and theoretical assessments
  6. Provided with tools necessary to develop your own documentation

Course Structure

A day's worth of training

This course provides a day’s theoretical training. Candidates will have access to the materials prior to the session to give some background reading. 

Watch the treatment

There will be the opportunity to watch a treatment being performed by the trainer and to treat models during the session to improve your skills and you will be assessed,



After the training there is a theoretical assessment to test your knowledge. 



Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a certificate of competence.


Post competition

Access to your own  portal containing your certificates and access to all the online forms along with client and promotional leaflets and banners and your addition to the  network of practitioners, which will drive clients to your clinic for our treatments.


  1. Introduction 
  2. anatomy and physiology
  3. Indications for treatment
  4. Hazard reduction
  5. Getting to know your device
  6. Treatment regimes and protocols
  7. Assessment and feedback

Topics covered:

  1. What is Radiofrequency
  2. Types of RF
  3. Fractional RF
  4. RF in aesthetic practice
  5. Biological effects of RF
  6. Skin overview
  7. How does RF work
  8. Treatment objectives
  9. Heat Shock proteins
  10. Safety
  11. Consultation
  12. Contraindication
  13. and more

Who is this course
suitable for?

This is a registered health care practitioners basic/foundation module

This course is aimed at:

  • Level 3 aesthetic practitioners and above


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