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Nu-V Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation +

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Nu-V Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation + Course

This course is aimed at  Doctors registered with GMC and a background in Women’s Health. Practising doctors intending to learn, Laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation with an aim to proceed to advanced LVR that incorporates LVR with other modalities such as Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP), and PRP with Hyaluronic acid ( PRP + HA) and Labial Filler for an advanced gynaecological rejuvenation treatment for medical and cosmetic interventions.

This Course gives a comprehensive insight into many advanced topics relating to LVR, from its mechanism of action, through to legal and ethical issues surrounding this treatment. Particular emphasis is placed on patient safety and laser hazard management and practical tips.

Course Description

In the Health Education England (HEE) recent guidance on Non-surgical cosmetic procedures several reports were compiled aimed at “improving and standardising the training available to practitioners who carry out hair restoration surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, chemical peels and laser hair removal”. Hence we expect the delegate to have completed the core of knowledge module on Lasers. You can do this through an online portal for a small fee.

The course includes practical tips, product information and evidence for all treatments provided. The morning includes the theoretical aspects of training, including anatomy, nerve blocks and critical appraisal of the literature. The afternoon covers practical sessions including live demonstrations and Hands-on training. The last hour of the day includes managing complications and complex patients with some case studies as examples.

The course is delivered by a Consultant Gynaecologist with specialization in Cosmetic Gynaecology. There will be an opportunity to discuss the provision of ongoing support if necessary.


  1. Understand science behind light therapy
  2. Learn how to provide treatments with co2 machines
  3. increase confidence in providing effective treatments 
  4. increase knowledge to tailor protocols to clients
  5. gain understanding of the technician
  6. Ensure student knows how to apply ‘core of knowledge’ 

Course Structure

A day's worth of training

This course provides a day’s theoretical training. Candidates will have access to the materials prior to the session to give some background reading. 

Watch the treatment

There will be an opportunity to witness and participate in the use of the Silvery Blue Medical CE device.

Become part of the team

There will be an option for the course candidates to become part of the Silvery Blue Laser team that will help establish a complete repertoire of gynaecological treatments with ongoing support for patient recruitment & management of complication


Access to latest evidence and protocols with help from capital funding, machine purchase, servicing, Laser safety certification and insurance provision.

Post competition

Upgraded access to your own  portal containing your certificates and access to all the online forms along with client and promotional leaflets and banners and your addition to the network of practitioners, which will drive clients to your clinic for our treatments, and announcement on the site of your latest skills upgrade.


  1. Introduction
  2. anatomy and physiology
  3. ethics and legal issues
  4. indications for treatment
  5. hazard reductions and legalisation issues
  6. Getting to know your device
  7. Assessment and Feedback

Topics covered:

  1. Causes of Vaginal Laxity
  2. Symptoms of atrophy
  3. Common vaginal conditions
  4. Menopause
  5. Urinary symptoms
  6. Client presentation
  7. Contraindications
  8. Vaginal aesthetics
  9. CO2 Laser
  10. and more

Who is this course
suitable for?

This course is aimed at:

  • Registered Doctors and nurses with women’s health experience.

This can only be delivered following study and completion of the Core of Knowledge and basic PRP modules


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