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DNA Testing Medication

Pain management | Cardiovascular medication | Mental health medication | Comprehensive panel

About DNA Testing Medication

Despite the fact that all humans share more than 99% of genetics, the remaining 1% variation makes us unique and different to others. Using genetic analysis and advanced medical DNA testing, we are able to establish the effects of different medication on an individual. In other words, we can determine how a person will metabolise a range of medications. 29% of adults take at least 5 different medications for various reasons. But how do we know that they are being prescribed the right medication? How do we know if there are other ones that may benefit the individual more?

Through DNA testing for medication, we can help you deduce the benefits and costs of a medication. By doing so, we can help eliminate potential drug reactions and prevent trial and error approaches to selecting the right medication. In addition to this, we can decrease the risk of life-threatening side effects.

This incredible testing offers 4 different panels:

⦿ Pain management includes medications that help reduce painful symptoms

⦿ Cardiovascular health panel compromise of mediactions that are involved with blood pressure, blood flow and thickening etc

⦿ Mental health panel include medications that are involved with manipulating neurotransmitter systems in the brain that may improve the symptoms of someone experiencing mental health problems i.e. depression or psychosis 

⦿ Comprehensive panel which tests the three mentioned above alongside other drug classes 


Adults take at least one medication

All it Takes Is a Cheek Swab


1. Request your DNA kit

Please request your DNA kit. Your kit will arrive in 3-5 business days.


2. Complete Your Sample

Provide a simple cheek swab in the comfort of your home. Send it back to us in the pre-paid mailer.


3. Analyze Your Sample

Your DNA will be analyzed by scientists in our state-of-the-art, CAP/CLIA accredited laboratory.


4. Receive Your DNA Report

In less than 3 weeks your results will be available to your practitioner.

Key Features


Opiates | NSAIDS | Steroids | Tests 30+ medications


Anti-coagulants | Beta blockers | Anti-hypertensives | Tests 25+ medications


Anti-depressants | Anti-psychotics | Anxiolytics | Tests 80+ medications


Tests all three listed above | Alongside other classes of drugs | Tests 200+ medications


Classifies which medications are good for you, ones that can be taken under caution and ones that should be avoided



Tests different groups of medication


Unique to your DNA makeup


Tells you whether to use an alternative


Basic results are easy to understand


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