Stem Cell Facelifts

A new era of regenerative medicine is here and we are at the leading edge with our multi-modality DNA & Stem Cell face lift that harnesses the very life force of the universe in the form of your very own Stem Cells.

Harvested, processed and concentrated into a powerful serum, we then inject and infuse your face with up to 20 million omnipotent little builders that go to work instantly rebuilding the tissue from the inside out with new, younger cells.

Some clients may look up to ten years younger with deep tissue scans showing an age expression of minus 7 years.

DNA & Stem Cell

Introducing DNA and Stem Cell regenerative non surgical facelifts that offer a highly effective alternative to surgical and aesthetic treatments. No other approach is as accurate and effective. Price: £399 – 3799

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Treatment plan

With a choice of 6 treatments focussing on both skin age and complexion there are plenty of options to create the face that you want. Dependent on the care package selected, our highly personalised and efficacious topical treatment regime is formulated specifically to match your genetic requirements.

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Instant result

Experience lift, tighter skin and a fresh look within 1-2 hour’s dependent on treatment, and watch the results get better over the following weeks and months as we simulate new collagen to form and plump your facial tissue from beneath the skin.

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We use adult Mesenchymal stem cells which are harvested from Adipose Tissue (fat) under your belly button. These stem cells are perfect for growing into or “differentiating” into new skin tissue.

If stem cells did not work you would not be here. Each time you injure yourself your stem cells go to work repairing the damage. What we do is concentrate the stem cells in a mix with potent growth factors, switch their expression age from you current age to a younger more optimum age and introduce this back into pre-prepared skin.

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You can expect to see results straight away, with the effect improving gradually for about a month, after which the regerative process carries on for 6-8 months, sometimes longer.

The outcome is a fresh. natural youth instead of a chemically frozen look, or obvious scars from surgery. This is a return to how you looked years before, it is regeneration, not restoration.

The treatments take from 1-2 hours.  There is little or no down time.  At worst you are red for a few hours.

Our treatments combine a number of proven and potent modalities (treatments) with our own proprietary technology and processes that culminates in the most omnipotent treatment of it’s kind in the world. Our own Genesis Serum which you can learn about here is a concentrate of some 20 million photo activated stem cells combined with 14 different growth factors extracted from your blood. This signals the stem cells to go to work creating new, fresh tissue.

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Mesenchyam Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cells

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Perfectly. The procedure is always carried out in CQC registered premises by fully trained and experiencedclinicians. You are always safe in the nowledge that there is a Doctor on hand if needed.

We only aspirate 50-75 mil of fat under local aneasthetic. It is usually painless.

We use adult Mesenchymal stem cells which are harvested from Adipose Tissue (fat) under your belly button. These stem cells are perfect for growing into or “differentiating” into new skin tissue.